Transforming Health Data into Compelling Stories​

In this ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, I bring a unique blend of analytical prowess and storytelling finesse. Dive into the world where raw health data isn't just numbers; it's a narrative waiting to be discovered, understood, and shared.

Health Data Analyst and Storyteller

Welcome to my digital space, where science meets narrative, and data unfolds into captivating stories. I’m Chiamaka Oji, a Biochemistry enthusiast with a master’s in Nutritional Biochemistry and over three years of hands-on experience as a health administrator.

As a Health Data Analyst and Storyteller, I’ve made it my mission to decode the intricate patterns hidden within data sets and translate them into compelling stories. Whether it’s unraveling the impact of nutritional choices or dissecting the nuances of healthcare administration, I transform complex information into narratives that resonate.

Data Projects

Some of my Data Analytics reports, links to codes, visualizations and presentations.

Blog Posts

Engaging and educative health articles.