About Me

Chiamaka Oji

It emerged from a reader's comment...

I never knew I'll write a book so soon.

I'm not that girl who grew up with dreams about writing and authoring books.. Yes! But I love reading.

And talking about education, I studied Biochemistry, with a masters in Nutritional Biochemistry.

I started blogging in a bid to share a message that burned in my heart. During one of my blog series, about 5 months after I launched my blog, a young mum dropped an awakening comment: "I'll bookmark this article for my girls to read when they grow up".


Ok. How about compiling a book from this series, I thought.
Scratching my head, while grabbing all necessary "how to's", I wrote the book. Launched it as well. Hundreds of people downloaded, and shared, and discussed, and sent testimonials about the book.

What! But I've been sharing lots of this content in my blog and on social media. Putting them in a book had a special impact.

I tried it again. It worked. People kept coming back to say :thank you" and "I'll love to write too".

That's the reason I'm here... To tell you that...

There's an idea only you can share. Write It In A Book.

So, join me in this writing walk... your book will soon be born.

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