Radiant Book Reveals: How To Release Your Ideas, Powerfully Write Them And Transform Lives

Do you feel choked with an idea/story/message you need to share with the world?

Like a dear lady who ran to my inbox after a webinar I facilitated, pouring out her heart about the pitiable state of some young people, and her desire to “tell them the truth”.

I could relate. I was right there… Or rather, I’m still in the journey… Passionately sharing a message with the world.

But, do you know some not-so-fruitful ways we’ve been doing it?

 ❌ Share the ideas with friends and neighbours around (Beautiful! But you’re not just the light of your room, you should be the light of the world).

❌ Scribble an article or book and publish it. (Awesome! But do people move from point A to B – transformation – after reading them? Or is it just another load of information that sizzles off their head after some minutes…)

❌ Spill inspiring words and keep posting on your timeline (Great! But how long will you do that? What if the landlords send you packing? What will happen to those words, and all those who need to feed on your idea?)

As James Baldwin said, “You write in order to change the world…”

That’s what you desire, right? To change the world… One person, and two, and on and on… Through your ideas.


But how do I write for Transformation?

Great question! Here are some things you need to do:

✔ Mould your idea and write it in a way that will stick with and spread through your audience. (There are proven ways to effectively do that.)

✔ Mount your writing stage strategically, so as to engage with and influence your audience. (So that your transformative idea outlives you.)

✔ Master a compelling written voice, so your readers can’t escape the effect of your idea/message. (So that people stay hooked to your writing, turning the pages, taking notes and action points, crying and laughing as they ride on…)

And a whole lot more I poured into this book.

And guess what… I didn’t get into writing dancing on my toes – “what a sweet thing to do!” It was harrrddd. I wasn’t even “a writer”.

I got here all the way from Biochemistry lab. Yessssss!

So, I had to put my head into “the water” and learn how to write words that bring “aha” and a change.

There’s still a whole lot to keep learning, but with the tools gathered in my journey, I’ve (by God’s grace):

✔ Written articles and books that made people send “thank you, my life was transformed” messages.
✔ Become an Amazon Bestselling Author, and written an award-winning fiction. 
And on and on…

I hope that “The Release” will help you Release your Ideas.

Don’t die with those great ideas you carry. (You don’t want to think of the look on your Master’s face when you come home without doing what He asked you to do on Earth)

It’s time to RELEASE!

Are you a pastor who wishes to write more compelling sermon notes, an advocate who wants to drive home his/her message, a passionate soul with an idea to give the world – on spiritual, health, education, etc.

This Book is for you.

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✔ A special Transformational Writing “experience” package. I overloaded the box with materials that will start building your transformational writing mind and muscles. It’s worth more than thousands of naira…

This is a whooping bonus!

I’ll pay anything to get something like this.

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  1. Can’t wait to get my copy.
    Transformation – that was the word you brought to my consciousness whenever I’m writing, teaching or counselling.

    More grace on your work.

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